Virtual Visit Instructions

We’re delighted that you’ve accepted or are considering a Telehealth Virtual Visit with us! Initiation of this Telehealth Virtual Visit implies consent to be billed to your insurance company. Currently, insurance companies are covering these visits as they would an in-person office visit. If you have further questions about Telehealth Virtual Visit coverage, please contact your insurance company. This visit will take place electronically through an online video chat. This can be done with a device (i.e. smart phone, tablet, or computer) that has both a camera and a microphone. If you do not have camera capabilities, please let our office staff know and we will attempt to hold your visit as a phone call. Please make sure you and your child call from a quiet place with a strong Wi-Fi connection and with a fully charged device to ensure the best video quality for your visit. If you are preparing for a visit, please follow the 5 steps below to get started!

Step 1: Preparation for your child’s visit

  • IF your child has had recent labs, please call the location where these were drawn and have them faxed to our office at (303) 783 – 3800
  • IF your child has diabetes and has any devices (meter, pump, or sensor), please see the attached for instructions on how to upload their devices for your provider
  • Have your insurance information and payment method available (credit or debit card only)
  • 15-20 minutes before your appointment time we will be giving you a phone call to collect your child’s Vital Signs
  • We will try to call you 2 times leading up to the appointment. Please be advised that if you do not answer those calls or call us back within at least 10 minutes before the appointment time, you run the risk of missing the appointment. 

Step 2: Vital Signs

  • Obtain a height AND weight measurement to the best of your ability for your child If the patient is an infant, obtain a head circumference. Our staff can guide you through how to obtain these vital signs if you are unsure.
  • IF you have a smart health device, please also gather your child’s pulse.
  • IF you have questions for the provider, you may want to take a moment to write them down.

Step 3: Call 

  • Insurance will be verified and any copays or balances (if applicable) will be collected
  • Your child’s vital signs will be recorded
  • IF your child has diabetes, we will collect uploaded device data and/or write down data from devices that are unable to be downloaded
  • Copy & paste the following link into your browser:
      • Click “Sign up for free”, then click “I’m a Patient”
      • Our staff will provide your provider’s direct link over this phone call.


Step 4: Appointment

Wait for your provider in the virtual waiting room until they initiate the phone call. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Step 5: Follow-up

We will call you with 24 hours after the visit to schedule your child’s follow-up and if necessary, lab draws or shot appointments.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as telemedicine is new to our office and we are doing our best to ensure your child gets care!