Patients with Diabetes & Families

In addition to practicing social distancing and hygiene precautions, please see these guidelines for our patients with diabetes and their families:
– Prepare in case you get ill
– Make sure you have all relevant emergency contact details close and PCP phone numbers etc.
– Pay extra attention to your glucose control
– If you do show flu-like symptoms (raised temperature, cough, difficulty breathing), it is important to consult a healthcare professional.
– Any infection is going to raise glucose levels and increase your need for fluids, so make sure you are drinking and have access to enough water
– Make sure you have the medications you would need – particularly if you were to need to self-quarantine for 14 days.
– Make sure you have access to enough food
– Make sure you will be able to correct the situation if your BG drops suddenly
– If you live alone, make sure someone you can rely on knows you have diabetes as you may require assistance

The situation is not fully clear at this point, so keep informed of the latest developments. Look out for updates and advice from your government, national diabetes association and other reliable sources. See the ADA website here for more in depth information, and up to date guidelines: